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Cross-Country Skiing in Norway

In 2019, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Norway where I spent a week skiing and racing.  I wrote about several of my adventures in my blog.  Here are links to a couple of my favorite posts and videos from the trip.  If you have the chance to ski in Norway, do not pass it up!

Excerpt from a story about skiing in Trondheim:

"I knew immediately I had found a hidden gem in the middle of the woods. There were four trails approaching the hut, and although the park as a whole was not crowded on this weekday, skiers were coming into the clearing from all directions at a steady rate. Those who had already arrived at Grønnlia were sitting at outdoor benches drinking coffee and hot chocolate while eating from plates piled high with Norwegian pastry that looked and smelled amazing. I stuck my skis in the snow bank alongside many other pairs and took my place in the queue of hungry skiers that extended out the door."

Read the full post here: Trøndelag Traditions

Excerpt from my race report after skiing the Birken -- the Norwegian Birkebeiner.

4 hours, 17 minutes, and 47 seconds after starting the Birkebeinerrennet in Rena, Norway, I glided across the finish line in Lillehammer. I had traversed 54km skiing across a scenic mountain range, survived treacherous downhills, and competed against 8617 other cross-country skiers from around the world. My entire body hurt and I was completely exhausted, but I was happy because I’d made it, and I knew that I’d given it my full effort.


Read the full post here: Birken 2019 - Heia

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