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Cross-Country Ski Trails

I wrote a post in 2019 about my five favorite cross-country ski trails in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  If pressed, I would still place the same five at the top of my list today, but there are a lot of other great trails too.  You'll find a link to that original article below.  I've added a list of several other great places to ski with notes on what makes each one unique.

If you're looking for conditions, or a full listing of trails, check out

MNXC Top 5

Giants Ridge, Maplelag, Spidahl's, Elm Creek, Birkie Trail

My Picks for Top 5 Cross-Country Ski Trails in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Other Great Ski Trails in Minnesota

Glendalough Ski Trail

The trail runs along a creek that stays open year-round.  Classic only, and often ungroomed, but the natural beauty more than makes up for it.

Andes Tower Hills

The main 8k loop is always well-groomed and features a couple of good hills.  Optional segments venture further into the woods.


Great warming house.  PistenBully groomed trails.  Lit for night skiing.

Theodore Wirth

Another great snowmaking option in the Twin Cities.  A fun place to ski at night with the lights of downtown Minneapolis in the distance.

Outside of Minnesota



Worth the 1000 mile drive to West Yellowstone.  Stay at one of the hotels in town and walk to the start of the trails.  

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