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Rendezvous Ski Trails in West Yellowstone — Great for all skill levels

There is no shortage of snow at the Rendezvous Trails, even early in the season.

Our family has taken advantage of the ample snow in West Yellowstone on more than one occasion, and it’s become one of our favorite destinations for xc skiing and snowshoeing. Yellowstone NP and the Gallatin NF offer seemingly endless options for peaceful treks into the spectacular mountain landscapes, both via well-used trails and when venturing off the beaten track. But, no trip to West Yellowstone is complete without a day (or two) out on the Rendezvous Trails. This extensive, well-groomed trail system truly ranks with the best ski trails in the US, and it is located in one of the snowiest places in the US, making it a great option for early- or late-season skiing.

The Rendezvous Trails criss-cross through the Gallatin National Forest just outside West Yellowstone.

My husband is a very skilled skier, and on our trips to West Yellowstone, he makes use of the more difficult trails at Rendezvous for early morning skis while my our young son and I enjoy the pool at our hotel. In the afternoon, we often return as a family. Unlike my husband, I am a relative beginner and a fairly cautious skier, preferring gentle grades and flats glides to challenging hills or speedy descents. Fortunately, Rendezvous offers many kilometers of well-marked green (easy) trails, so I can comfortably classic along side my husband, as he skates with our son in tow. While Rendezvous is popular, it’s 35km of wooded trail have never felt crowded during our visits.

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