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A 3-Step, 3-Wax System for Good Enough Glide in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Spend less time waxing and more time skiing!


There are hundreds of glide waxes available on the market and it can be difficult to find the right one.  Here’s a simple system for glide wax selection.  Use this guide for everyday training situations.  Save the expensive wax for races.


Purchase Rex Blue, Start Green, Fast Wax HS-30  (less than $50 for all 3)


Use the following questions to choose the right glide wax for everyday training situations:

Is it cold outside?  If the answer is "yes," use Start Green.  To me, a cold day is when the snow is crunchy under your feet and you would definitely want your jacket on even for a quick walk outside.  This has more to do with the snow condition than the temperature on the thermometer.  Typically, the Rex Blue/Start Green transition is about 15 degrees F, but the snow can stay cold for days after the weather warms up.


Is it a warm and wet out?  When there is water melting in the streets and the snow is wet, you need a softer wax.  Use Fast Wax HS-30.


Anywhere in between these two extremes is where Rex Blue is the best.  If you are unsure, or if the situation is borderline, default to Rex Blue.


Apply one coat, scrape, and brush with fine steel brush.  You're ready to ski!



Race Waxing.  I prepare my own skis for races, but I leave the wax selection to the experts. does a nice job of posting all wax recommendations before a race.

Training Skis & Race Skis.  One pair of skating skis is fine to get started.  If possible, it is nice to have three pairs of skis.  I have one pair for training, one for cold racing, and one for warm racing.  I use the cold skis in Start Green and Rex Blue conditions, and the warm skis at or above freezing.

Structure.  If the trails are warm and wet, structure can be very helpful.  I use one pass with a Swix "V" structure tool.

Hot Box.  I made a hot box that I use once or twice a year to deep clean the bases of my skis.  Read the post here, and watch the video.

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